The Calvary College Ministry is centered on developing

Intimacy with God, Community with Believers, and Influence on Others.

It's is not just something to do; it's something to become a part of. We want you to be connected.

Connected to God and other people; connected through great worship times, fun socials and Catalyst - our Sunday morning worship service for College Students.

But it doesn't stop there. Part of building a connection is being part of a community. We would love to help you create deep friendships with people who will help you in your walk with Christ.

Our mission, above all, is to lead people to a growing relationship with Jesus Christ – We at Calvary strive to know Jesus and to make him known!! We hope you’ll join us soon!


6pm Sundays

at the Calvary Student Center


This Week's Topic: SEXUALITY

Loving our neighbor and respecting the equal dignity of all people don’t mean what our culture would have us believe. This week we’ll see that men and women are created distinctly and intentionally. Gender, sexuality, and marriage are all part of God’s beautiful design.

After-Catalyst: Volleyball!

This Sunday, February 28

Come join us in the gym immediately after Catalyst for Volleyball! Haven’t played in a while? No worries…we just want everyone to come and have fun! Simply drive over to the main church and walk in the front door that faces Kingston Pike. Hope to see you there!

Catalyst Protocol

We love you and want to keep you safe!

Calvary’s College Ministry is passionate about the spiritual and physical health of the students who choose to attend Calvary. With the COVID-19 pandemic in mind, we have been prayerfully considering our options concerning asking individuals to wear masks. 

As a result of social distancing not being practical inside the Student Center, we ask that during Catalyst (our college gathering at 6pm on Sundays), everyone wear a mask while inside the building. However, masks may be temporarily removed while enjoying refreshments. We will also have activities outside the Student Center where masks are optional and social distancing is encouraged. 

Romans 15:1 (Holman) says, “Now we who are strong have an obligation to bear the weaknesses of those without strength, and not to please ourselves.” Some of our friends may have a weakened immune system or cannot take the chance of contracting a virus because of family. Together, let’s make this sacrifice so that we can keep our friends and their family healthy. Let’s let the love of Christ lead us!

catch a ride from ut campus


If you need a ride on Wednesday evening or for another church event,

OR during the summer or over Christmas Break,

contact Joe Drummer, College Pastor.



    Corner of 20th & Andy Holt

    • SUNDAY 10:15 AM / 5:30 PM

    Corner of Pat Summitt & Andy Holt

    • SUNDAY 10:17 AM / 5:32 PM

    Lake Loudon Blvd in front of courtyard

    • SUNDAY 10:20 AM / 5:35 PM
  • HESS


    • SUNDAY 10:24 AM/5:39 PM
  • Clement

    On White Ave Near the Courtyard

    • SUNDAY 10:26 AM / 5:41 PM

community groups

Community is about bringing people together so they can help each other draw near to God. Life is a journey toward God, and having strong community surrounding us is essential. Community Groups meet weekly for prayer and Bible study, but the main focus is to develop relationships that will help us draw near to Christ. Community is also about serving others in the body of Christ. For example, we often plan ministry opportunities that serve the children or elderly at Calvary.

All of our groups have three common threads that we have found to help build community:

  • Bible Study: Each group does some type of study. It can be a book of the Bible or any other book.
  • Service: Serving together is a great way to develop relationships and spread God's love.
  • Prayer: Everyone needs people to stand by them and pray for them, so prayer is an important part of each community group.


connect & serve

Looking for a way to serve, but don't know where to start? You've come to the right place! Scroll down to see a list of service opportunities, including days and times people are needed, to find the right fit for you. There are many opportunities to serve! Keep an eye on the weekly update and Catalyst announcement sheet to stay up to date with the latest service opportunities! Not on the list for the weekly update? Contact Joe to be added.

  • Childcare at Calvary: Any Sunday during the main worship service, help with kids in Nursery or Sunday School. Contact the church office for details. Extra hands are almost always needed in the preschool and nursery classes on Wednesday nights during Cafe. Contact Bo Griswold for more info.

Have an idea for service? We are always open to new ideas in the way of service. We want you to be involved at Calvary and one of the best ways to be involved and connected is through service. Set up a meeting with Joe, our college pastor, if you are interested in a new ministry that our college ministry can be involved in.