January 27-29


What is DNow?
Disciple Now is a weekend-long worship experience unlike anything else we do. This is THE EVENT of the year for our ministry!

What are we going to do?
We’ll spend time together worshiping our awe-inspiring God, learning how God works in the Bible so we can apply it to our lives, meeting new friends and opening up in honest ways about our relationships with Jesus, serving our community in outreach and having fun together.

Worship Sessions

  • Our very own Calvary College Worship team will be leading worship at our large group sessions.
  • Our DiscipleNow Speakers are Lucas Hurd & Alexa Sponcia. A Male & Female Duo - 2 Incredible speakers!!

Where is it?
DNow is an in-town retreat, meaning we meet for large group sessions at Calvary then divide up into co-ed groups of 8-10 and spend Friday and Saturday night in Calvary host homes.  It has the feeling of an out-of-town retreat with the flexibility of being close to your apartment/dorm/house and school/work. If you are worried about previous commitments that would keep you from coming, please know that you can come and go as you need to - we’ve even scheduled free time on Saturday for that reason.

How much does it cost?
Cost is $30, which includes a shirt, lodging, snacks, meals, and a great time! You can pay when you show up, but sign up today! (You can also fill out a paper form in Catalyst on Sunday.)

What to bring:

  • Bible + pen/pencil
  • Sleeping bag (something to sleep on) and pillow - if needed, UT students can rent a sleeping bag from the UT Rec Department for a nominal fee.
  • Toiletries + towels, washcloths, etc.


Friday Night (January 27)

  6:00 pm    DNow Staff arrives for briefing and orientation
  6:30 pm    Check-In begins
  7:00 pm    DNow Rally #1 @ Calvary Student Center
  8:30 pm    Leave for Host Homes
  9:00 pm    Arrive and Fellowship with Families - Snacks
10:15 pm    Encounter #1
11:15 pm    Free Time

Saturday (January 28)

  8:30 am    Breakfast
  9:15 am    Encounter #2
10:00 am    Leave for church
10:30 am    DNow Rally #2 @ Calvary Student Center
12:00 pm    Lunch served at church
  1:00 pm    Break for the afternoon! Take a nap, go to the mountains, go see a movie, study if you need’s up to you!
  6:00 pm    Supper served at church
  6:45 pm    Creative Encounter @ Main Church
  7:30 pm    DNow Rally #3 @ Calvary Student Center
  9:00 pm    Leave for Host Homes
10:30 pm    Encounter #3
11:30 pm    Free Time

Sunday (January 29)

  9:00 am    Leave for church
  9:15 am    Breakfast @ Student Center/College Worship Rally
10:45 am    Worship Service
12:15 am    Go home and live what you’ve learned!